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Debt consolidation


Purchasing your existing debts is a solution which allows you to group together your different loans (car loan, house mortgage, personal loan…) into 1 single loan, repayable over a longer period and with reduced monthly payments.

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6,99 %

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(2) This rate is for information purposes and does not constitute an offer. Subject to acceptance of your application by the banking organisation.

The advantages
of a Debt consolidation

A Debt consolidation provides a number of significant advantages.


Reducing your monthly repayments

Consolidating all your outstanding debts into 1 single loan reduces your monthly repayments.


Making managing your budget easier

With only 1 single loan to repay your budget is easier to manage!


Financing new projects

It is possible to include the financing of new projects in a debt consolidation operation (home improvements, car…).


Keeping your existing bank

You can keep your existing bank and avoid any extra administrative procedures.

A Debt consolidation example

exemple rac
Project : Debt consolidation
Amount borrowed : 100 000 €
Your Debt consolidation duration : 240 months
Your monthly payment : 550,15 €
Total amount to be reimbursed : 132 034,89 €
Variable borrowing rate : 2,95 %
Fixed annual percentage rate of charge : 10,00 %

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